Where to find keywords to optimize your Pinterest profile?

Where to find keywords to optimize your Pinterest profile

Keyword research on Pinterest is mainly done on a Pinterest search engine, Ads manager keyword tool and by competitor’s analysis. Making your pins visible and on top is not a difficult thing if you are working in the right direction with the right tools. If you plan to use Pinterest as a tool to boost your business, keep in mind that this platform is not just social media, it is a hybrid of social media and search engine. Therefore, optimizing your content with the right keywords and strategy can go a long way in attracting the right audience for your business.

Step 1: Choose the title wisely

Yes, titles are extremely important! Just like you focus on SEO services and rankings, you need to understand the importance of the title you pick for your pins on Pinterest. You need to observe and study your pin and then add the targeted keywords in the title of your pin. Having the right keywords that define your pin increases your chances of being at the top of search results for your target audience to see.

Step 2: Your description matters 

This might not come off as a surprise since descriptions are known to be the connection between you and your client but what many forget is that there is always room for optimization in the digital world. When you have settled on a title for your pin, your next area of focus should be the description of it to convey your message in minimum words with maximum impact. What helps in making your description strong? You guessed it right, keywords! Have a list of keywords identified so you can make the best use out of them.

This will make your pin shine when someone is going to search the targeted word.

Step 3: Pay attention to destination URL

Now start the implementation of the pin that is the destination website URL.

Keep the targeted keyword in the destination URL as well because when you are linking the targeted words you will see ranking your pin higher.

Step 4: Keep up with Pinterest Trends

Keep an eye on the trending topics and create content around them so your pins could make their place on top as well.

The use of the right keywords in the title also helps your pin to appear in the trend list that means you are going to be on top with your pins and catch your audience’s eye. Quality is important and that is what makes your pin and business float on top.

Step 5: Images are your best friend

When you have added the targeted word in everything else, then why leave the image file name? Everything matters when it is about Pinterest! Right from the title to the image name, nothing is insignificant Targeted optimized keywords are important and when everything is connected in the right way how is it possible that your pin won’t be on top. These dots will help your pin to be visible on Pinterest and Google that actually add a new worth to your business.

When you are all done with the keywords, remember the first point of impact after your target audience has discovered you are the image. High-quality pins always stand out and is what helps you retain your audience.

Stage 6: Engage, Engage, Engage!

Pinterest doesn’t work with the follower or number of people on your pin like other social media platforms. But this number shows how much you are keeping things up to date and how engaging your pins are. People are like to follow those pins that are informative or trendy, and if you are keeping in mind that user interaction is important then you will survive through adaptation.  Keep your followers engaged with your posts and make things relatable at your end so your audience actually interacts with your content. On-site optimization and engagement strategies will help you create this atmosphere for yourself.


To sum it all up, the more you stay relevant, the more you will get user engagement. Keep your focus on on-site optimization because that is what makes your end user, clients, and audience get connected with you. The tip is to follow the rules and play by the book. The more you get involved, the more you will get the answers!

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