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Course Overview

The Pin Creative have strategically devised an elaborated social media marketing course with the initiative of introducing innovative ways to grow organic audiences and build a sincere following.

In this reign of social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn have become the prime targets for building a stable and exponentially growing business. We emphasize on creating opportunities for you through effective and inbound social media strategies that are guaranteed to bring positive output with consistency and correct use of technique. Hop on to the trend of making money online by becoming a Certified Social Media Expert. You can not only be a successful entrepreneur but also be a part of leading social media campaigns and projects all around the world. Also, The Pin Creative offers placements to its bright students.

Course Features

We have an elaborated 6 modular system where each module emphasizes one social media platform, with a hearty introduction and detailed analysis of strategic approaches required for that particular platform. We aim to discuss content creation, SEO, significance of ad campaigns, monetization, and other aspects in detail with examples. We not only help you learn a skill but also build a business profile that is worthy enough to be trusted. Our goal is to inculcate the true sense of having a customer oriented approach that allows the growth of a social media account based on organic traffic. Our instructors are there to guide you about the best use of the innovative tools and extensions to work smart and get the desired results for clients.

Who can join the course?

Our Social Media Marketing course is designed for all levels. Anyone with the least marketing background OR no marketing background can join this course.

Hands on learning

We believe in learning with experience and therefore, we emphasize on project based teaching. We assign each student a certain task through our ongoing projects. Forget the books, pdfs and notes and learn by doing it on your own.

Highly Experienced Staff

We have an exceptional team of well experienced and qualified instructors with many years of experience in this field. Also, we offer 24/7 support so that those who want can get the best out of their investment.

Value For Money

Stepping into learning Social Media Marketing is like building another asset for passive income. It is a one-time investment that will definitely pay you back in the long run.

Course Outline

The Pin Creative | Begineer & Intermediate Social Media Marketing Course.

01 - Introduction
02 - Social Media and CVJ
03 - Social Media Success Cycle
04 - Social Media & Goal Setting
05 - Resources
06 - Building Your Brand

01 - Social Media Planning
02 - Content Type for Different Social Channels
03 - Content Creation
04 - Content Scheduling / Content Calendar
05 - Social Posts Analysis

01 - Introduction
02 - Facebook Eco System
03 - Building Awareness
04 - Stacking Engagement
05 -Growing Leads
06 - Converting to Sales
07 - Messenger Automated Response
08 - Facebook In Stream Ads (Monetization)
09 - Facebook Ad Campaign Types
10 - Understand Audience Types
11 - Facebook Analytics for Ad Campaigns
12 - Create a Real Time Facebook Ad

01 - Introduction
02 - Instagram and the CVJ
03 - Personal vs Business Profile
04 - Optimizing Instagram Profile
05 - Establishing Your Goals & Purpose
06 - Content Type
07 - Optimize Your Content
08 - Power of Hashtags
09 - Engagement
10 - Stories and IGTV
11 - Advertisement on Instagram

01 - Introduction
02 - Exploring LinkedIn
03 - Awareness, Engagement and Connections
04 - LinkedIn Conversion & Excitement Stage
05 - Create Business Pages & Groups
06 - Create Posts & Articles
07 - Find Jobs and Apply on Jobs
08 - How to Get More Connections for FREE

01 - Introduction
02 - Twitter and the CVJ
03 - Building Your Twitter Strategy
04 - Customize & Brand Your Profile
05 - Engagement Strategies
06 - Drive Traffic to Your Website
07 - Twitter and Social Listening
08 - Optimizing Twitter Profile

Why Join Us?

As much as social media is trending, people are running out of ideas and therefore lack consistency. At The Pin Creative, we intend to inculcate the true sense of analytical approach and strategic thinking to bring about a revelation in your online business and career. We train you to meet the application requirements through fundamental training, by learning optimum use of resources, fool proof branding and realistic goal setting to create a vicious cycle of success. Be unique by having an eye for the premium quality content and promoting innovative ways of expressing your perspective. Be the leader and the game changer! Use your style to create a difference and make it a Deal!

Students Placements

Get ready to be a part of Pakistan’s worldwide renowned companies and revolutionize the field of digital marketing.

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