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Pinterest Marketing & Management Course

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Course Overview

This Pinterest Marketing Course is designed to cover all the fundamentals of becoming a successful Pinterest Marketing Virtual Assistant.

With ever increasing saturation of Facebook and Instagram marketing, it has become very tough to make an online business successful. That’s why The Pin Creative have designed this Pinterest Marketing and Management Course to cover this market gap and give its students a chance to get hired in our agency or start their own business as a Certified Pinterest Expert.

Course Features

Our Pinterest Marketing integrates the basic introduction and analytics of Pinterest Marketing along with strategic tactics to establish your business profile. It simplifies the significance and worth of pins and boards with a vivid concept. With special emphasis on ranking of each post, we elaborate the SEO process along with detailed coaching on how to create eye-catching and captivating pins that rank on top of the search engine. We believe in inculcating the concept of smart work and significance of intellectual strategies for higher productivity. Our Pinterest Advertising tips and tactics are definitely a cherry on top for this course. 

Who can join the course?

Our Pinterest Marketing course is designed for all levels. Anyone with the least marketing background OR no marketing background can join this course.

Hands on learning

We aim at providing hands on learning experience by engaging out students in meaningful and practical tasks to polish their existing skills. Our goal is to help our students learn through our ongoing projects.

Highly Experienced Staff

Our support staff and instructors have years of experience in meeting the specific needs of our students and delivering the best knowledge.

Value For Money

Stepping into learning Pinterest Marketing is like building another asset for passive income. It is a one-time investment that will definitely pay you back in the long run.

Course Outline

The Pin Creative | Beginner & Intermediate Pinterest Marketing Course

01.a- Introduction – What is Pinterest & Why Is It Currently The Best Platform To Market On?
01.b- What Opportunities Does Pinterest Offer Over Other Social Media Platforms?

02.a- Setting Up Your Pinterest Account To Gain Traffic & Claiming Your Website On The Pinterest Hub
02.b- Claim Your ETSY Store – It's That Simple
02.c- Easy Steps To Claim Your Shopify Store

03.a- What Are Pins? Pin Types & How To Create Them
03.b- The Perfect Pin Descriptions Explained
03.c- Pinterest Video Pins - The Game Changer
03.d- What Are Boards And How Do You Create Them?
03.e- Winning Steps For Board Optimization
03.f- The Power Of Rich Pins & Various Types

04.a- Pinterest Search Bar & The Pinterest Ad Creator
04.b- Utilising Pinterest Trends
04.c- Pin Inspector and Keywords Everywhere
04.d- Optimising Keywords On Pinterest

05.a- Effortlessly Create A Pin That Goes Viral
05.b- Pinterest Pins Best Practices – As Per Official Pinterest Guidelines

06.a- Tailwind Overview – The Tool To Make Your Scheduling Easier
06.b- Tailwind Overview – The Complete Guide
06.c- How To Create UNLIMITED Pins At Ease

07.a- How Pinterest SEO Works & Prepare Your Website For SEO
07.b- Start From The Beginning & Targeting Position No.1
07.c- Long-Tail SEO Strategy: How To Target High-Intent Keywords
07.d- Repining – Why It Really Matters & How To Increase Your Followers

8.a- Pinterest Advertising & The Important Of The “Pinterest Tag”
8.b- Keyword Match Types & Advertising Terminology
8.c- How Does Pinterest Advertising Work?
8.d- Pinterest Traffic and Testing Campaigns Explained
8.e- Using Retargeting Conversions and Dynamic Retargeting Campaigns for Sales.

Why Join Us?

With the rapidly changing trends and the world moving towards smarter ways, it is time to be unique and think out of the box. We are aiming at training you to build an organic audience that leads to an exponential raise in your revenue. Then why not target the right audience with the right pitch to unlock the wonders that have been waiting for you? Get in the race for higher sales but with a twist! Revolutionize the world of marketing because who wants to be bored anymore? 

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Get ready to be a part of Pakistan’s worldwide renowned companies and revolutionize the field of digital marketing.

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