Scheduler Tools VS Native Pinterest Scheduler – which is THE ONE?

If you are a digital marketer, virtual assistant, or a social media manager, you understand the importance of social media schedules. When it comes to optimizing your social media outreach, timing is a key element. Why? Well, it is simple. You want to post when most of your target audience is available. Granted, there are many other ways to have a kickass social media marketing strategy such as SEO optimization (click here to read on that) and eye-catching posts. However, with all those efforts, the key component is to have your social media plan in action when your audience is online to see it. That is where scheduling comes in. Here is a round up of some of our picks for pinterest scheduler tools so you can make your choice…and grow!

Pinterest Native Scheduler

If you have a business account on Pinterest, you can easily schedule your fresh pins with the help of Pinterest Native scheduler for free. You can have your schedule sorted for weeks on end with this feature. However, there are drawbacks to this feature, as all good things in life do. You can only publish  a 100 pins so if you are someone that was considering getting done with their work for the next couple of weeks, this might be a problem. The second drawback of this, otherwise a great tool, is that the scheduler timezone is set to wherever you are logged in from. Now, this does not seem all that bad but if you are handling an account or a target population that is in a different time zone, you might want to have a clock with you during this process. 

Tailwind Scheduler 

Tailwind is a popular Pinterest scheduler with amazing features. Even though the scheduler started as a Pinterest only platform, it has now taken up Instagram scheduling as well. Tailwind is a smooth and relatively easy tool to use, with a browser extension to make your life even easier and allows you to pin on several boards at once with intervals. The extension allows you to pick up any image from any platform, be it a webpage, instagram post or your favorite inspirational blogs. Additionally, tailwind has a feature that is called Tailwind tribes, which is essentially different like minded members coming together to share one another’s content on their profiles. This feature has definitely helped many increase their outreach and views. Another great selling point of tailwind is its extensive and easy-to-understand analytics that can help you evaluate your pinterest marketing strategy. However, the free version of tailwind comes with some restrictions. With a cap on scheduled posts and content shared on tribes, if you want more, you have to pay for it.


Hootsuite is integrated with tailwind and helps you organize it there. ‘Pin Calendar’ on hootsuite allows you to view all your scheduled pins and alter the schedule as per your liking. The analytics you receive on your pins are detailed, just like those you get on tailwind, but then again, that is no surprise considering how hootsuite has tailwind integrated within it. Another great feature about hootsuite is that it gives you several content suggestions to take inspiration from or repin if you like. It can help you streamline your own content and that you share on your feed. Additionally, hootsuite allows you to save your drafts there so you can schedule them in future whenever you are ready to share them with the world. However, just like tailwind, hootsuite is not free of charge and you will probably have to add one more thing to your marketing budget!

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