Wisdom Essentials

Are you a Modern MidLifer? We are!

Wisdom Essentials is a US-based company that sells CBD products and is a tough niche to handle on Pinterest. Pinterest prohibits advertising CBD products so our main goal was to grow their business organically and apply the best strategies for them to drive quality traffic to their website and convert it into actual sales. Within four months, we helped them to achieve their goals. Here is how:


  1. Gain maximum traffic from Pinterest.
  2. Gain top rank on the Pinterest search engine on low competitive keywords.
  3. Sell more products.
  4. Rank the pins on top.
  5. Get viral pins to increase engagement.


  1. Generate maximum sales with maximum ROAS.
  2. The brand was new on Pinterest and had to be built from scratch.
  3. Find out the best long-tail keywords that are low competitive and have high search volumes.
  4. Generate high organic traffic.
  5. Tough niche to grow on Pinterest due to prohibited products policies.


  1. We searched out the best keywords for them using Pinterest Trends.
  2. Analyzed the competitors to have look at their keywords and pinning strategy.
  3. Plan out the boards and content strategy.
  4. Create high-quality custom-designed pins.
  5. Activate their rich pins.
  6. Setup their Catalogs and approve their brand a Verified Merchant on Pinterest.
  7. Used Tailwind to schedule all their content on high traffic hours.
  8. Shared their content in Tailwind tribes and Group boards.
  9. Kept a strong focus on Idea pins to grow their monthly views.
  10. Engaged with the relevant people to grow followers and engagement.
  11. Find out the best influencers to promote their products and make the pins go viral.


  1. Within 4 months of organic work, we were able to make their pins go viral which skyrocketed their traffic and sales.
  2. The viral pins generated over 10M impressions.
  3. The generated traffic was all organic and the client didn’t have to spend anything on Pinterest Ads.
  4. We boosted their brand awareness.
  5. Most importantly, we achieved 100% client satisfaction.