Every ring, and every customer is unique.

Thorum is a Premium ring selling brand and was newly launched in mid-2021. They had their Pinterest account grown organically and needed someone to run Pinterest Ads for them to generate maximum sales and revenue. They sell high ticket products and have a good profit margin per item sold. We were assigned to achieve a 2.5 ROAS to get them into a good profit bracket and here’s how we almost tripled their expectations. Here is how:


  1. Collect high-quality data to convert a cold audience into a warm audience.
  2. Build brand awareness
  3. Sell more products with maximum ROAS.


  1. Doing brand awareness of a brand new business.
  2. Selling high ticket products to the visitors.
  3. Run low CPC traffic campaigns.
  4. Collect maximum data to build custom audiences for Retargeting and Dynamic Retargeting campaigns.
  5. Add to cart optimization to increase maximum revenue.


  1. We started with extensive keywords research using Pinterest Trends.
  2. We chose the best CTAs and suggested discount promotions.
  3. We designed high-quality ad copies to stand out from other competitors.
  4. We targeted the most relevant interests.
  5. We launched low-cost traffic campaigns and started building a cold audience.
  6. We did A/B testing and analyzed the audience behavior.
  7. We spent more than $4000 on the traffic campaign and also had some conversions which is a bonus.
  8. We converted custom audiences to convert the cold audience into a warm audience.
  9. We launched conversion campaigns for Retargeting.
  10. We created product groups of the best seller items.
  11. We launched a catalog sales campaign for Dynamic Retargeting.
  12. We did Add to Cart optimization for abandoned add to cart actions.


  1. We overachieved the targets set by our client and tripled the profit.
  2. Achieved up to monthly 7 ROAS compared to 2.5 ROAS required by our client.
  3. Huge traffic is available on the website.
  4. Total Ad spend over the time is 14,000 USD with a total Order value of 72,000 USD.
  5. Most importantly, we achieved 100% client satisfaction and they raised our monthly contract fee by 20% after these amazing results.